Being familiar with the characteristics of 【Brushed DC Motor】

There are three types of brushed DC motor: Compound、Shunt-wound、Series-wound DC motor

Series-wound DC motor is suitable for:

hand drill; portable sander; woodworking tools or DIY tools etc. which high starting torque is required.

Series-wound DC motor is not suitable for precision machine and power table feed.

The brands of A... B... S... from China and Taiwan are all use Series-wound DC motor.
(Because of simple structure and low cost).

Shunt-wound DC motor is suitable for:

electric bike; electric wheelchair or other equipped rechargeable battery vehicles which speed regulation is required.

Compound DC motor is suitable for:

electric locomotive and high-precision machine which require variety of speed and high starting torque.

For example, when a milling machine is operated with automatic feed function, it requires maintaining feed speed; avoiding vibration and cutter damage; and resulting in smooth surface finish on workpiece.

Compound DC motor = Shunt + Series DC motors that have instant complementary function while loading.

All models of TON-E Power Table Feed use Compound DC motor.

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