Comparison A - Stator Structure

Compound Stator (TON-E)

Series Stator (Other Brand)

Before arrangement
After arrangement

When the enameled copper wire of compound stator (0.6mm of 45 turns for Series winding; 0.13mm of 1,800 turns for Shunt winding) is operating, series + shunt has instant complementary function. So, TON-E Power Table Feed enables milling machine to operate with features of better cutting stability; avoiding vibration and cutter damage; and resulting in excellent surface finish on workpiece.

All models of TON-E Power Table Feed are equipped with Compound DC Motor.

Use series stator (0.6mm of 150 turns for series winding) to get high starting torque but has no continuous torque. So, the torque and speed
will drop rapidly while loading. It is easy to cause shake and cutter damage.

Majority of other power feed from Taiwan and China are equipped with series-wound DC motor, because of low cost and easy to produce.



Comparison B - Rotor Structure

Compound Rotor (TON-E)

Series Rotor (Other Brand)

Rotor uses heat-resisting enameled copper wire; de-weight dynamic balancing; special designed cooling fan; aluminum alloy bearing holder.

TON-E’s rotor is durable and not easy to overheat and deform.

Use plastic bearing holder; low-grand copper wire; added-weight dynamic balancing; poor design of cooling fan. These designs are easy to cause breakage.



Comparison C - Mainboard Structure

Mainboard (TON-E)

Mainboard (Other Brand)

Mainboard is well protected by a series of safety designs. The automatic correction function would be activated when input voltage is unstable. It is easy to maintain while problem caused by exernal factor.

Simple structure and high maintenance cost. Mainboard is easy to burn out when input voltage is unstable.


Comparison D - Transmission Gear Structure

Transmission Gear (TON-E)

Transmission Gear (Other Brand)

The gear ratio between transmission plastic gear and motor shaft gear is an infinite decimal. Two gears will not return to its origin after turns. The plastic gear is durable and the sound would be lower over time.

Remarks: The plastic gear 107T, motor shaft gear 6T

The gear ratio between transmission plastic gear and motor shaft gear is a limited decimal.
Two gears will return to origin after 21.4 turns that cause periodic wear and tear and shorten the transmission plastic gear’s service life.

Remarks: The plastic gear 107T, motor shaft gear 5T

Using enlarged gear ratio to pretend high torque. Actually, its torque drops rapidly while loading.


Comparison E - Clutch Structure

Clutch (TON-E)

Clutch (Other Brand)

New patented clutch enables user to reverse direction fast and the plastic gear won’t be broken by motor shaft gear, because the clutch is attracted and repelled within 0.4 second. At the same speed, the origin repeatability of TON-E Power Table Feed is within 0.05mm.

Superior powerful clutch with face gear design for model APF-950 has higher torque and non-slip feature which is suitable for large or heavy-duty machines. Other functions; safety design and accuracy on APF-950 are the same as model APF-500 and APF-750.

It uses traditional clutch. So, the features of high inertia and braking too slow while changing directions always result in plastic gear damage.

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